I’ll leave the rest to you…

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"For the Future"


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Sterek AU - Batman finds his Robin

Laura and Cora drag Derek to this halloween party everyone goes to, Derek and Stiles is dragged along by Scott and his girlfriend Allison.

Maybe both sit around alone before they meet in the kitchen. They talk and drink and maybe make out for a bit in one of the guest rooms, maybe it turns into a one-night stand before they go different ways again.

Maybe it doesn’t take long for them to meet again and figure out that oh-we-might-actually-go-to-the-same-university-and-I-just-ran-into-you-on-my-morning-run-through-the-forest-while-you-took-a-swim-naked-in-the-lake. And maybe they exchange numbers.

Maybe Derek sends a naked picture of himself to make up for seeing Stiles naked. Maybe it leads to meeting at one of their places and making out a bit more. Maybe they end up in bed together.

And maybe they meet at the halloween party and start dating.

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Anime vs Manga → Episode 01

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today i was running late for school and i was sprinting down the street to make it on time and suddenly i turned to my left and my history teacher was running as well and he just screamed to me THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I’VE EXERCISED IN 18 YEARS

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 “A solitary king…no longer.”


“A solitary king…no longer.”

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Adults, to 10-year-old me: You’ll grow out of Pokémon someday.

Me, at 10: No, I’ll never grow out of it! Just wait and see!

Me, at 26: 8D They don’t say that to me any more.

A note to people who are reblogging this and putting certain things in the tags:

- The plush are not normally kept on the floor like this! The big plush pile is normally in a closet, but I took them out of it temporarily in order to find something and reorganize. The floor is VERY clean, otherwise I wouldn’t put these plush—some of which are worth a lot—down on it. Normally there is space to move around the room and access the items. It’s somewhat cluttered, but not to nearly the same degree.

- I am not a hoarder, I promise. I am a hardcore collector, but hoarding is a psychological disorder that I do not suffer from. I keep only items I actually want, and I am frequently selling items I don’t want. Hoarders struggle with letting go of things, and I do not struggle with that. As I said before, the room is normally not like this, much of the floor is usually free.

- There is a bed in the room, but the room is not lived in. It’s a collection room. There are more shelves/items on the side you can’t see in this picture.

- I am not rich, believe it or not. I make $10.50 an hour working part-time at an animal rescue organization. I made $9k last year, which isn’t even a living wage. Most of these items were gathered over years and years, and I am lucky that I don’t have many living expenses. I budget carefully to maintain my collecting.

- Yeah, I know the original caption didn’t make sense. I fixed it, but it spread with the incorrect caption. :P

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Fanart by Pillara.
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Which harry potter movie is this

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「 The ice no longer glistened, and the sun shone no more. 
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I was in the art shop today and they had little bridal pairs


they made me kind of happy

they had women

and men

and even one for the bdsm people????

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Rin! Thank you
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AU where Marius is singing empty chairs at empty tables and the camera slowly pans over the cafe and you see that his chair is empty too. Marius did die at the barricades, but he couldn’t understand what had happened to him, so his ghost wanders the streets of Paris looking for Cosette.

Cue tragic “On My Own” reprise.

and then, after he’s forced to acknowledge it, maybe by the priest, maybe by seeing Cosette, seeing her marry someone else or having her father die. He finally accepts it and the music swells-

-and you see him walking down a street, knocking on a certain door and saying, very shyly, “I have come to sleep with you.”

And Courfeyrac smiles. “Of course you have.”

And together, they sleep.

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nO you made it WORSE

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